Really I had my history period towards also it endured for 9 days

Really I had my history period towards also it endured for 9 days

We noticed you to definitely after the day Monday . Really We got various categories of home pregnancy evaluation, although testing came back negative.We hadn’t got my personal months when you look at the Summer at all. We demonstrated numerous signs of pregnancy. But I come bleeding into the but this is smaller and lighter(my personal peroid hs started normal for 2 years). I could wait for my personal second several months but I am very mislead I nevertheless end up being as if I am expecting. anon364

my months was irregular. we have taken the nesessery examination considering my d 19 years of personal several months level feels like-a month typical,one month doc told me that my personal several months becomes regular just after scared if i you should never get pregnant,in the event the my months do not get regular shortly after marrige after that just what will happens?? Delight answer myself. ganda cuatro hours ago

I got gender once more uprotected to my 6th day’s my months and you will my personal seventh-day and i also seen my personal months had avoided back at my fifth time that never ever happned as well as 2 even more pregnancy testing nonetheless all are bad

Hey i just possess some few questions. me personally and you can my sweetheart had unsafe sex within the . following we prevent sex. i got my months february and april. but in june and you will july i still don’t have my months. is it possible which i am pregnant?? but i’d a 8 weeks months. and today i’m put off out of times for just one and you will half months. anon347

Better I got non-safe sex the afternoon once my personal several months Sunday 30, 2009 following six days later on Friday while i try specific I became ovulating

I was simply hospitalized with ‘endometriosis’. I’m a 30 yr old lady that has never had students just like the of endometriosis. We less than ran functions to try to cure while having free of your own endometriosis hookup Memphis Tennessee, yet not, new procedures was not winning. Your physician performed be able to clean out suitable ovary, although kept you to nevertheless can not work because of the endometriosis. I’m currently for the an ‘injection’ to quit producing the hormone estrogen during the attempt’s in order to starve the actual endometriosis from inside the hope’s this have a tendency to die, and you can the latest structure can make. Even if, a family doctor advised us to end my birth-control pills thus the latest injection are far more effective. In the process, my personal boyfriend and i, began having fun with safeguards every day, just in case I can still conceive. Even if, your medical professional informed me that he’s never heard about somebody bringing expecting toward injection, yet he told so you’re able to still fool around with a method of birth control when you’re I am off the pills, and you will are strictly for the injection. The brand new injection are removed monthly, getting cuatro month’s. What is actually my personal portion of conceiving a child when you are I want courtesy chemically created menopause? I’m curious and so i can continue using best safety measures so you can remain me out of having a baby during the means of myself seeking to to end brand new Endo. angell

i experienced unprotected sex with my date towards fifth date out of my monthly period circulate and i grabbed the new emergency pill just after 50 days, and you will just after 6 days, i got specific hemorrhaging. now i am eleven months later off my personal expected period. does this suggest i’m expecting? i have had my several months later from the nearly fifteen months before as well whenever i was always unpredictable. anon331

the fact is..should you have unsafe sex any day of the fresh new few days, there was a chance you can buy pregnant. no-one online will highlight while pregnant otherwise maybe not, the only method off understanding is actually providing an examination. good luck. rezzl

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