Amelia first had the Eleventh Doctor along with her own adult care about in the a fair in 1994

Amelia first had the Eleventh Doctor along with her own adult care about in the a fair in 1994

Meeting your physician [ ]

She did not remember your medical professional and you may chosen just an unclear recollections of the yellow-haired woman in the unusual white top, which bought the girl an ice cream cone to replace the main one and therefore she got fell. Losing and shedding this new ice cream, and obtaining the brand new one to, remained among their saddest and you may happiest recollections respectively. (HOMEVID: Good-night)

Amelia properly met the Daged of the his regeneration, damaged in her lawn yard. Once the she was hoping so you’re able to Santa claus to transmit an effective policeman to analyze the latest break, Amelia very first took the brand new TARDIS’s anachronistic cops field appearance within deal with worth and you can asked your physician when the he had been new policeman which she got requested out of Santa. Your doctor had good “raggedy” appearance, when he had been wear the latest tattered remains regarding their tenth incarnation’s fit and you can is actually getting used to their the latest body and you will choices. He tested a rift within her wall surface, which was actually a rip in proportions-date one acted because a gateway to a different some time and place. An excellent prisoner of one’s Atraxi, also known as Prisoner No, fled due to it with the Amelia’s family. Although not, before the Doc you can expect to let next, new Cloister Bell ran regarding, ultimately causing him to go back on TARDIS to prevent new motors away from phasing out of lifestyle. (TV: Brand new Eleventh hour)

He offered to need the woman with him from the TARDIS, however, first needed to stabilise the newest engines. He got this new TARDIS for just what the guy consider would be a beneficial brief four-minute trip of the future. Amy got the opportunity to pack a little bag and get back into backyard, waiting around for the coming of “miracle doctor”. (TV: The fresh new Last minute)

In one or higher timelines, Amelia fell resting on her bag on the backyard that evening. The woman Doctor came back regarding far afterwards within his upcoming and you will transmitted this lady as much as bed. Since she proceeded to bed, the doctor shared with her concerning the “secret box” he had taken, he had extremely only borrowed it, which have constantly intended to send it back; “large and you can little meanwhile, the new and you may ancient, and bluest blue ever before.” He told you she would think of this new adventures which they do haven’t, in which he told her to love Rory. (TV: The big Bang)

Decades afterwards, Amelia produced a final request out of him to go back to help you the girl kid thinking it next early morning, telling her becoming diligent, as well as the countless unbelievable escapades that she would later has actually which have your. (TV: The newest Angels Just take Manhattan)

Amelia don’t understand the Doctor again for 12 years, and you can during this period are unaware that a criminal multiple-means titled Prisoner No is actually covering up within her family. (TV: The fresh new Last minute)

Adolescence [ ]

If you’re wishing, Amelia is actually obsessed with her “Raggedy De l’ensemble des on him and you may required the girl family relations when deciding to take region. Amy’s Aunt Sharon delivered Amelia so you can four psychiatrists just who informed her your physician was not genuine. She section all of them. (TV: New Last-minute) At school, the girl close friends was indeed Rory Williams and you will Melody (“Mels”), which Amelia and you will Rory failed to know is its girl on the 52nd millennium. In addition to the Raggedy Doctor, the lady almost every other hobbies included the newest Roman profession off The uk, about what she had multiple guides as she sensed them sexy, together favourite guide, This new Legend of Pandora’s Box. She failed to discover a beneficial degree on her paper into Romans because of titling they “Attack of your own Sexy Italians”. (TV: The brand new Very last minute, Let us Eliminate Hitler, The brand new Pandorica Reveals)

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